Zero-day Threats


Nucleon Zero-day Threat Intelligence solves all shortcomings of conventional big-data intelligence services. Nucleon is the first to provide instantly usable verified intelligence to block known and ‘unknown’ attacks such as DDoS, Brute Force, botnets, APTs, phishing and malware before it impacts you.

Accuracy, Usability, Timing and Relevance must be present for intelligence to be valuable.These are the fundamentals on which Nucleon Threat Intelligence has been built. We understand that your resources are scarce and know that threats evolve quicker than your team can deal with. Nucleon provides instantly usable zero-day intelligence in a dynamic Active Threat Table. The intelligence includes malicious IPs, URLs and hashes with full context and history. The intelligence can also be used to cross-check outgoing traffic to identify indicators of malware that may be already inside your network. No intrusive implementation, no additional systems and no intensive human analysis required. Using Nucleon means:

  1. Zero-day: Immediately real-time alerting about new and ‘unknown’ attacks;
  2. Zero-false positives, it’s happening for real and happening now;
  3. Instantly usable output (IPs, URLs, hashes) including context;
  4. Easy integration with any SIEM or existing cyber defense measure;
  5. Relevant and targeted to your industry, organization and systems.






Artificial Neural Network:
Nucleon uses a multi-layered Artificial Neural Network (NANN) with Polymorphic Sensors and Deep Learning technologies to monitor, collect, analyze and verify cyber-attacks in real-time all over Internet, at zero false positives.

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