P2 Threat Management


Every security expert performs and understands the importance of periodic vulnerability assessments and penetration testing to improve the network security posture. However, working with scarce resources and lack of visibility into the adversary’s intentions, opportunities and methods, it is a challenge to prioritize the right measures. Organizations should maintain a solid threat management practice with new methodologies and technologies which enables the organization to collect and analyze relevant threat intelligence and verify and mitigate targeted attacks in an early stage. MMOX helps you to build this threat management practice.

The Proactive & Predictive Threat Management (P2TM) Program is developed to provide clients a Threat Management framework tailored to their specific situation. To handle targeted and evolving threats efficiently. The Program is available for organizations who are ready to close the gap between what they have and what is required to take on the dynamics in the threat landscape. We examine your readiness to deal with different cyber threats targeted to your organization and help you to implement methodologies and tools to improve.

The P2TM Program is developed by experts in the field of threat intelligence and supported by verified intelligence feeds and sources. It focuses on identifying threats based on the interspace of Intent, Opportunity and Capability, instead of just looking at vulnerabilities on its own.

Value of the P2TM Program

  • Add capabilities to your current cyber defense and security infrastructure: you learn how to deal and manage threats in a proactive and predictive way;
  • Reduce the workload from your security team: security automation enables you to focus on targeted threat assessment instead of processing intelligence noise;
  • Prioritize measures and allocate resources based on backward decision making: knowledge of your actual threat exposure allows you to take targeted and effective measures instead of ‘fixing in the blind’;
  • Create an adaptable and continuous developing framework for additional objectives: apply the knowledge to manage different business risks and threats.


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