Neural Network


MMOX provides Nucleon™ technology that autonomously protects against known and unknown botnets, APTs, SCADA exploits, DDoS attacks
and malicious URLs/IPs in a very early stage. Built on the principles of an Artificial Neural Network and Deep Learning analysis, the system identifies and mitigates attacks, at zero false positives.

Traditional security measures are labor intensive and based on passive defense methodology. Lack of visibility into the attacker’s methods, prevent the ability to detect and stop advanced threats in an early stage. Nucleon™ targets this situation and has developed technology to support proactive and predictive capabilities. Nucleon™ operates a neural network of polymorphic sensors that analyzes global Internet traffic and verifies genuine threats based on machine awareness.



The system provides SIEM integrated context and enables automated handling for each step of your threat management process. Nucleon™ also provides real time insight into the threat map. It can be used to manage customized intelligence needs and configure connectors and APIs that adapt to your current events and workflow.

Nucleon™ is founding partner of the International Cyber Counter Intelligence Network (ICCIN). ICCIN shares sensitive cyber counter intelligence that can be used to detect and stop threats that may already reside in ICT networks. The ICCIN service is complimentary to qualified government organizations and law enforcement agencies.

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