Do you know when your data appears online? Matchlight is designed to provide continuous and targeted visibility into the dark web, in a way that is very easy for organizations to adopt and manage. Matchlight monitors the dark web for any trace of your specific and sensitive information.

With patented Data Fingerprinting technology, the system alerts you immediately when it detects your sensitive data online, all without knowing or needing access to your original data. It monitors your company’s data exposure and provides better understanding of developing risks or leaks tied to your organization’s data.

Matchlight is a suit of tools and analyst services that provides verified data intelligence for Information Security and Data Privacy, Incident response, Fraud investigation and Regulatory compliance & Auditing purposes.

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Service and tooling for law enforcement and military to monitor, search and analyze the DarkNet and DeepWeb, for indicators of and intelligence about cyber crime activity. Kela RaDark uses human intelligence combined with an automated machine learning system. The system is configured with specific and detailed search patterns, applied to validated sources or broad search and monitoring. RaDark can be deployed on site, in a private cloud or as cloud service.

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