Cyber Security InnovationDarknet MonitoringDeep LearningBehavioral Biometrics

Cyber Security Innovation

New Generation Cyber Defense

Darknet Monitoring

Insight, not hindsight

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Deep Learning

Proactive Defense System

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Behavioral Biometrics

Mobile Banking IAM

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Specialist in Automated Cyber Defense and Security Innovations

MMOX works for Enterprise- and Central Government organizations in the areas of Cyber Defense, Risk and Information Security. We offer new generation automated tooling that enable our clients to manage and handle cyber risks in a better way.

Our clients operate professional multidisciplinary Cyber Defense organizations. They continuously strive to increase performance and capabilities, to do more with less resources. MMOX’s innovations match our clients’ strategy and road map. We provide what they need now.

MMOX has its base in the European capital of Safety and Security The Hague in The Netherlands. MMOX is approved by DECA.